How to move asparagus

How to move asparagus

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It is correct to want to move the asparagus seed after a few years. Asparagus is a multi-year cultivation, which therefore must not be moved from one year to another but after a few years (generally about ten years), otherwise it begins to produce less because the land is exploited a lot and above all it is easy for diseases occur. You can learn more about this vegetable by reading the article dedicated to how to grow asparagus.

Move the asparagus

To make the move it is necessary to uproot the asparagus rhizomes, which are called legs in jargon and which must be transplanted into the new plot. The operation should be done in early spring, between February and April. Since in your case the climate of Trentino is certainly not among the hottest in Italy, it is better to wait for mid-March, the earth must not be frozen.

What you need to know is that the new asparagus will take two years to go into production, unfortunately the move is not painless for the plants and the year you move you will certainly not have a great harvest. To compensate for the year of production that you lose, if you want you can enlarge the size of the plant, since the asparagus will have developed over the years and you will get a large number of legs to transplant.

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