Covid 19: you can go to the garden. Good news from the regions

Covid 19: you can go to the garden. Good news from the regions

In the government decrees on covid 19 (both in that of March 22, 2020 and in that of April 10) there is no transfer aimed at cultivating a vegetable garden. Today some good news comes from some Italian regions.

This creates a real problem for those who cultivate a land not adjacent to their home: even if they are a few hundred meters it is not clear whether walking this distance is legal for hobbyists. While the retail sale of seedlings has been explicitly allowed (in the Faq on the government website and in the April decree), the fact of reaching a vegetable garden is not contemplated.

I wrote an open letter on this subject, because I believe that a person who goes alone to his garden, with all the necessary precautions, does not represent a risk of contagion.

Until before Easter only the Sardinia region had made an ordinance to allow the garden to be cultivated, provided that only one person goes and no more than once a day.

Today there is some good news from other regions.

In Liguria and Abruzzo you can go to the vegetable garden

Liguria is Abruzzo on 13 April 2020 they resolved that it is possible to move around for the maintenance of the gardens. Within these regions, therefore, as in the aforementioned Sardinia, it is possible to move around to reach your own garden.

Of course in any case it is mandatory respect the precautions to safeguard one's own health and that of others from possible coronavirus infections and maintain interpersonal distance.

An ordinance is promised in Trentino

Also in Trentino it seems that a similar order has been signed, I miss the official nature of the news but a couple of days ago President Fugatti expressed himself on the matter by promising this resolution. It must be said, however, that Fugatti speaks of a vegetable garden only within the municipality of residence. Those who have land on the territory of a neighboring municipality could not therefore cultivate it, this can unfortunately cause problems for many gardeners.

Tuscany also opens up to gardens

There is also news of an ordinance from the president of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, which opens up the possibility of going to vegetable gardens and hobby crops, with the limit of two members per family unit who only go once a day.

In Friuli there are glimmers of opening

In Friuli, on the initiative of the mayor of Pontebba, civil protection has expressed itself in favor of the possibility of going to the vegetable garden. The news here.

The motivation is significant:

"As regards the cultivation of the vegetable garden, it is believed that this activity constitutes a form of food supply and that as such falls within the cases of necessity that justify the move."

Unfortunately, from the civil protection site it seems that the movement allowed is limited to the municipality of residence.

More good news

Tuscany, Lazio, Basilicata, Marche and Molise have also joined, with ordinances that explicitly mention the hobby cultivation of the vegetable garden.

The hope that it will open up to gardens all over Italy

The hope is that these regions are only the first and that others will soon follow, or better still a national measure by the government. Many people have land detached from their home and it is a real shame that they cannot reach it.

April is a crucial month for the vegetable garden: it's time to sow or transplant the plants that will bear fruit in the summer.

I am thinking of families for whom the vegetable garden, orchard, olive grove or vineyard represent an important addition to the family budget and are source of livelihood, but also to those who spend time and work every year to "guard" a small piece of land and this year must give up.

Furthermore leaving uncultivated land can be conducive to fires with the arrival of the heat and in this season there are a number of important measures for the phytosanitary defense of fruit plants.

Do not preventive treatments it can mean very serious damage in the future. In particular, the organic method provides for constant monitoring and timely interventions, you cannot let months go by without going into the field.

For these reasons, I renew my wish and forward my open letter again.

I invite all readers to write to the government and to their regional council to ask that they open up to the possibility of reaching their own garden, also taking the example of Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Trentino.

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